The Search for the Voice

Have you ever wanted to hear yourself over the airwaves? Do you think you have what it takes to interview some of the hottest personalities?

Papi Chulo RADIO has formally announced their search for new voices for the popular internet radio station. We are currently looking for individuals to co-host or headline a variety of in-the-works and current programs airing on the rising web radio station.

Are you interested in being a Papi Chulo RADIO intern?

Individuals interested in a position as an on-air personality for the station must be:

— Energetic.
— Enjoy talking about (and discussing) Pop Culture.
— Comfortable discussing various aspects of the adult industry.
— Inquisitive.
— Stick to deadlines.
— Disciplined.
— Comfortable asking the hard-hitting questions.
— Comfortable interviewing anyone: from mainstream stars to adult personalities.
— Punctual.

Individuals interested in being an on-air personality must own a headset and be somewhat competent using Skype. Previous on-air experience or blogging experience will be taken into consideration.

If you feel you have what it takes email with the subject “Voice” and we will get back to you shortly.

Who knows… maybe YOU could be the next VOICE on Papi Chulo RADIO.

Papi Chulo RADIO

~Papi Chulo~


Papi Chulo had gone live!

Papi Chulo RADIO is a revolutionary concept that brings you closer to your favorite personalities than ever before. This 24/7 internet radio station contains music, pop culture news and gossip, interviews, panel discussions and much, much more. Papi Chulo RADIO strives to be highly interactive with its listeners.

Papi Chulo RADIO is an amalgam of all that is pop culture. All things pop culture-oriented are featured on Papi Chulo RADIO, including: music, film, television, celebrities, health, fitness, sex, erotica and adult entertainers. Papi Chulo RADIO has something for everyone.

During the day, when shows aren’t scheduled on Papi Chulo RADIO, sit back and relax to the grooves. The hottest rising music artists are playing on Papi Chulo RADIO.

Papi Chulo RADIO is something you’ve never experienced. There will be several other original programs added to the roster in 2011.

Papi Chulo RADIO strives to be a unique experience.

For more information on the types of programming featured on Papi Chulo RADIO, CLICK HERE.

Papi Chulo RADIO

~Papi Chulo~

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